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Everyone wants OTA disclosure of all airline fees!
In a shocking reversal of common sense, sorry, revelation of the obvious, a recent survey found that 94% of travelers using online travel sites want all airline fee information freely available to them in the online booking process.

The survey, carried out by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Interactive Travel Services Association,asked 2,310 adults aged 18 and older about their recent summer 2012 travel experiences.

Among those in the cohort that used an online travel company to book their travel agreed to the statement, “All airline fee information should be available to travel agents and online travel websites.”

In addition, 95% of online travel purchasers agreed that “it would be easier to comparison shop if all airline fee information was available on online travel websites and to travel agents.”

The desire to see, compare and purchase the full, actual cost of an airline ticket is massive, and the DOT has been taking steps to require airlines and travel agents to fully disclose all fees during, rather than at the end of, the booking process.

But most importantly, the survey demonstrated that a majority – 57% – were ready and willing to purchase additional services if they were available for purchase in-line on the OTA websites. This is a gigantic market opportunity to sell extra leg room, early boarding, checked bags, and all the other ancillary services airlines profit from. By taking these products off the table, airlines are losing the chance to sell to consumers already in a buying mindset – when they get closer to their trip, they may be much less willing to purchase ancillary services. Read More

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