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Increase in Mobile Bookings

Kuwait-based Jazeera Airways revealed today that 8.5 per cent of total bookings in June were generated through one of its mobile booking apps, which puts Jazeera Airways customers as one of the most adaptive and tech-savvy travellers in the world.

According to industry insiders, mobile booking apps typically generate between 0.5 per cent and two per cent of total airline bookings in any given month, as compared to web bookings that can generate between 10 per cent and 90 per cent of total bookings in a given month depending on the market and the airline’s network.

Having consistently generated about 60 per cent of its bookings via the website, Jazeera Airways had introduced an iPhone booking app, an Android booking app, and a Facebook booking app in March of this year. The iPhone and Android apps enable customers to browse through flights, book and pay for seats and check-in.
The airline further reports that the launch of the mobile apps followed a series of value-bolstering services, which were introduced with an aim to offer more value to customers.
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