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Why Voice Interaction Will Change Mobile Travel
Voice response is not a new concept. Consumers interact with voice response on a daily basis often with less than perfect results. Whether it is your car’s GPS or an automated voice at your favorite airline, today voice technology can be a frustrating experience. Why then do I believe that mobile voice interaction is the next major wave in mobile travel interactions? The answer is simple, improving voice technology is emerging that will enable the capture of speech that lacks fluency. Speech integration is often difficult to implement because of the way people actually talk, with conversations filled with pauses,utterances, slang and sometimes vulgarity.

It is my belief that mobile bookings will not really take off until we have an easy way to interact with our mobile device. Voice interaction is being embraced in the market with the introduction of Apple’s Siri on the iPhone 4GS and Google Voice. As the consumer becomes accustomed to interacting via voice with their mobile device, their expectations of travel apps doing the same will increase, but expecting Apple and Google to solve this issue for travel is unrealistic. Travel has its own language and thus domain specific voice apps are needed for travel.  The diagram above provides a glimpse of how voice will change every step of the travel process. Fluential is looking for travel partners, so please contact me if you are interested in learning more.

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